Here are all of the CANCELLED PROJECTS by Archie Comics
There were 39 projects that were cancelled due to the sudden end of the comic series

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Sonic the Hedgehog #291-294


Sonic Universe #95-97


Free Comic Book Day 2017


Sonic Mega Drive: Overdrive


Sonic Mega Drive Graphic Novel


Sonic the Hedgehog Archives #25-26


Knuckles the Echidna Archives #5-6


Sonic Universe Graphic Novels #9-12


Sonic Saga Series #8-9


Best of Sonic the Hedgehog Rivals


Sonic/Mega Man World's Unite #3


Sonic the Hedgehog Graphic Novels #5-6


Sonic Universe Sagas #1-2


Sonic Super Digest #18-19


Sonic Super Special Magazine #14-15


The Art of Sonic the Hedgehog Comics