27 Feb 2021
  • Sorry for falling behind on updates again. I'm still deployed with the US military for about another month. Hopefully I'll be able to stay caught up once I return home.
  • I discovered a Scholastic-exclusive graphic novel that released sometime in 2019. It appears to reprint IDW Sonic Annual 2019, Tangle & Whisper #0, and IDW Sonic #13, as well as displaying some variant covers by Nathalie Fourdraine. I've added it to IDW Graphic Novels and IDW Retail Exclusives pages.
  • Moved both Team Sonic Racing comics to the start of the IDW reading order. I've been looking for a place to slip them in to the reading order for a long time, but at this point, I feel like they're better as a precursor to the whole series. One-Shot comics are a pain to deal with in a timeline.
  • Rebuilt the IDW Complete Inventory page(s) to include graphic novels and the Sonic #1-4 Box Set. Now everything is included in the "complete" inventory!
  • Moved Tangle & Whisper graphic novel to just before Sonic vol 4. Dunno why I put it in the wrong reading order, but it's fixed now.
  • Updated final covers for IDW Sonic #36A, 36B, 36RI, and 37B.
  • Added covers for IDW Sonic #37A, 37RI, 38B, 38RI, 39A, 40B, and 41A.
  • Updated release dates for IDW Sonic #36-38. Moved #36 and #37 to released.
  • Updated the IDW Text-Only Inventory: added issues #36-37 and Sonic: Bonds of Friendship graphic novel. Moved the Tangle & Whisper graphic novel and the two Team Sonic Racing comics to their appropriate reading order placement.

24 Dec 2020
  • Merry Christmas Eve!
  • Updated all three covers for Sonic: Bad Guys #4 and moved them to released.
  • Created finished diorama for Sonic: Bad Guys #1-4.
  • Updated release date for Sonic #37. It got bumped back to 3 Feb 2021.

15 Dec 2020
  • Moved Sonic: Bad Guys #3, Sonic the Hedgehog #35, and Sonic graphic novel #7 to released.
  • Updated release date for Sonic the Hedgehog #36.
  • Added cover for Sonic: Bad Guys #4A.
  • Updated all three final covers for Sonic: Bad Guys #3 and Sonic the Hedgehog #35.
  • Added Sonic the Hedgehog #38 to upcoming releases. Added early cover art for #38A and comic placeholders for #38B and #38RI.
  • Added Sonic the Hedgehog: The IDW Collection, Volume 1 to upcoming releases. This is IDW's standard collection series, which will collect the first 12 issues in one massive volume.

18 Nov 2020
  • It's been a while! My apologies; the US military deployed me, so I've been unable to update my website for a bit. Here's the latest:
  • Moved Sonic #31-34 and Sonic: Bad Guys #1-2 to released.
  • Added updated comic covers to Sonic #31A, #32-34, #35RI, #36A+B, #37B, and Sonic: Bad Guys #1-4, minus #4A.
  • Added Sonic graphic novel vol. 9 to upcoming releases.
  • Updated release dates on everything from Sonic #31 and forward.
  • Created a new diorama image from Sonic #31A and #32A.
  • Created a new diorama image from Sonic #33 NYCC convention cover and Sonic: Bad Guys #1 NYCC convention cover.
  • Created a new diorama image from Sonic: Bad Guys #1-4 B covers. Will have to re-create it as issue #3B and #4B release updated cover images.

27 Aug 2020
  • As promised, I stayed up late and finished a simplified text-only list of Archie Sonic comics. You can find it here, as well as on the homepage under Archie Comics.

26 Aug 2020
  • I'm a week late for the release of IDW Sonic #30! Oops.
  • Also added covers for IDW Sonic #35A and #35B, Sonic Bad Guys #3B and #3RI, and Sonic Bad Guys Vol 1.
  • Plus, I added a diorama image for IDW #29RI and 30RI and added Sonic Bad Guys B covers to the diorama page.
  • Finally, I built a new page that's a simplified text list of IDW comics, since there are so many variant covers. You can find it on the top of the IDW inventory page and on the homepage. I plan to build a similar one for Archie Comics as well.

7 Aug 2020
  • Pushed upcoming titles' release dates back an issue. No comic came out this week. :(
  • Added IDW Sonic #34 and Sonic: Bad Guys #2 to upcoming titles.
  • Also added covers for IDW Sonic #31B, 31RI, 34B, and Sonic: Bad Guys #2B and 2RI.

22 Jul 2020
  • Updated images for Tangle & Whisper #1 SDCC Exclusive, Sonic Annual 2020 SDCC Exclusive, and Sonic #29 SDCC Exclusive with higher-res images. Moved all of them to released as of today, including Sonic #29A, B, & RI.

20 Jul 2020
  • Added Bad Guys #1RI-B. Apparently, there will be two retail incentive covers for this issue.
  • Also, added a release date for IDW Sonic #31 and 32.

18 Jul 2020
  • Added SDCC convention exclusive covers for IDW Sonic: Tangle & Whisper #1, Sonic Annual 2020, and Sonic #29RE, all due to release on Wed next week.
  • Added all 3 covers to upcoming titles on the CE (convention exclusive) page.
  • I also got tired of the temporary diorama covers for Sonic #31A & 32A not lining up, so I created my own diorama image for them. Go click on either issue on the Dioramas page and see the full diorama in all its glory!

14 Jul 2020
  • Added covers for IDW Sonic #29B, #29RI, and graphic novel vol 8.
  • Updated covers for IDW Sonic Annual 2020 A, B, and RI, and moved them to released.
  • Updated file numbers to squeeze the annual issue in between issue #21 and #22, where it best fits the continuity.
  • Moved IDW Sonic #27RE to cancelled projects, as SEGA hasn't made any official announcement about selling it through their site yet. Assuming it's not being released anymore, unless they want to prove me wrong...

26 Jun 2020
  • Added covers for IDW Sonic #28RI and #33A.
  • Moved IDW #28A, 28B, & 28RI to released.
  • Moved Sonic graphic novel Vol. 6 to released as well.
  • Also, added IDW #27RI & #28RI to dioramas. Didn't realize they were part of one larger image until #28 released.

14 May 2020
  • Added cover for IDW Sonic #30A.
  • Added new release dates for IDW #28-30 & Annual 2020.
  • Moved Tangle & Whisper graphic novel to released.
  • Added Tangle & Whisper #0 (Spencer's Retail Exclusive) to Cancelled Projects page, as it never released.

14 Apr 2020
  • Moved website to Linux host; should be more reliable now.
  • Also updated IDW issue #27 as released (except for #27RE).
  • Added #33B, plus new mini-series, Sonic the Hedgehog: Bad Guys #1A and #1RI.
  • Also added Cancelled Projects page for Tangle & Whisper box set.

21 Mar 2020
  • Added covers for IDW Sonic #28B, #31A, and #32A.
  • Updated final cover for #28A.
  • Updated release dates for #27 and Annual 2020.
  • Also added #31A and #32A to diorama page.

8 Mar 2020
  • Added IDW Sonic #26 to released comics.
  • Also, added Archie Sonic Online #250, which apparently released back in January.

25 Feb 2020
  • Updated IDW Sonic #27A with final cover.
  • Also added #27B, #27RI, #29A and #30B covers.

13 Feb 2020
  • IDW's 25A, 25B, 25RI-A, 25RI-B, and graphic novel vol. 5 released on 12 Feb.
  • Also updated release date for IDW 26, 27, and Tangle & Whisper graphic novel.
  • Updated image for Tangle & Whisper GN cover.
  • Finally, added image of Movie Sonic from Japan poster to the homepage.

1 Feb 2020
  • Updated IDW 25A with final cover.
  • Replaced IDW 26A and 26B raw covers with final covers.
  • Added IDW 26RI final cover.

30 Jan 2020
  • Moved updates to their own page, linked from the homepage.

27 Jan 2020
  • Added covers for IDW 25RI-A and 26B.
  • Added 25RI-B, 28A, 28B, 28RI, and Volume 7.

14 Jan 2020
  • Added IDW Free Comic Book Day page.
  • Updated IDW #25 release date.

27 Dec 2019
  • #24 released on 25 Dec.
  • Also added covers for IDW #25B; #27A; Annual 2020 A, B, and RI; and Tangle & Whisper graphic novel.

14 Dec 2019
  • Added covers for IDW #24A, #24RI, and #25A.

11 Dec 2019
  • Tangle & Whisper #4 released today.

27 Nov 2019
  • IDW issue #23 released today.
  • Also added IDW issue #26 to upcoming titles.

17 Nov 2019
  • Added "Movie Sonic" to the homepage. :)

8 Nov 2019
  • Updated Archie Sonic Online pages.


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