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18 October 2023
  1. I forgot to add Amy's 30th Anniversary covers to the Variant Covers page yesterday. It's done now.

17 October 2023

    Well. It's been a half year since I made updates to this site. My apologies. I've been recovering from knee surgery, as well as keeping myself busy. Retired life isn't as quiet and peaceful as I expected; it seems I always have some committment or appointment I need to make.

    Not to mention, IDW decided to release 4 one-shots in the past couple months, with a 5th one coming up in 2 months. Plus convention covers, retail exclusives, multiple retail incentives, etc... So many comic covers to keep track of! It made returning to edit my site a daunting task, especially when they wouldn't announce unique covers until the last-minute. I spent a long time just researching rare and unique covers to ensure I didn't miss anything.

    I only found out yesterday that they announced convention foil covers for Amy's 30th Anniversary and Sonic Halloween Special only a few hours before New York Comic-Con ended! They're currently selling on IDW's website, but they might be sold out real soon.

    But I digress... I'm trying a new green color for this text, as it's probably easier on the eyes than the yellow in other posts. On to the updates!~

  1. Updated all cover images for Sonic #59-62 (14 covers) and moved them to released.
  2. Added Sonic #63-65 (9 covers) and moved them to released.
  3. Added Sonic: 900th Adventure one-shot (10 covers), Sonic: Endless Summer one-shot (4 covers), and Sonic: Halloween Special one-shot (6 covers), and moved them to released.
  4. Added Amy's 30th Anniversary one-shot (5 covers) and moved them to released.
  5. Moved Sonic, Vol 14 and Sonic: Scrapnik Island, Vol 1 to released graphic novels.
  6. Updated the file numbering for Sonic: Scrapnik Island #1-4 and Sonic #57-58 to put them in proper order. Their images disappeared from the site, so I had to hand-jam the code to fix them.
  7. Added covers for Sonic #66-68 (9 covers) and Sonic: Winter Jam one-shot (4 covers) to upcoming titles.
  8. Updated the cover for the Knuckles Greatest Hits volume. Looks like they've made a unique cover instead of reusing an old one.
  9. Added The IDW Collection, Vol 4 and Sonic, Vol 16 to upcoming titles.
  10. The Sonic: 900th Adventure Jolzar Collectibles Virgin Retail Exclusive claims to be a virgin cover, but it moved the cover elements to the back of the comic. I added the whole front and back cover to Dioramas.
  11. The IDW: Endless Summer covers are a diorama from 4 different IDW comics: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, My Little Pony, Dungeons & Dragons, and Sonic the Hedgehog, respectively. I added all of them to Dioramas.
  12. I made the Sonic the Hedgehog page to list Sonic-specific comics (to differentiate from mini-series, annuals, one-shots, etc.). But unfortunately, IDW puts "SONIC THE HEDGEHOG" on almost every comic, so it's hard to determine what's a Sonic comic and what's a spin-off comic. So I finally decided to simplify; I removed everything from the Sonic the Hedgehog page except for the original numbered series. There are now 65 comics listed there (235 with variant covers) because there are 65 official numbered comics released.

10 April 2023
  1. One minor (but complicated) update today: I noticed the Sonic Halloween ComicFest issue was marked as a one-shot on the text-only page. But it was also a free issue. Not sure how to color-code it, I opted to make it white (free comic), but with a yellow bullet point (one-shot). Technically, it shouldn't be a one-shot because it's just a reprint of issue #1 which is the beginning of a lengthy storyline, but they printed "one-shot" on its cover. So.
  2. Also, I noticed Tangle & Whisper #0 was in the same boat. Part of the Tangle & Whisper collection (sky blue), but also a free comic (white). I've given it the same treatment: White label, but sky blue bullet point for the Tangle & Whisper series. It's a little confusing, but at least more accurately represented now.
  3. There are two other covers that were technically free comics (Sonic #1 Spencer's Retail Exclusive and Sonic #1 GameStop Retail Exclusive), but you had to buy something in order to acquire one of these "free" covers, so it technically cost money to get it. And the text-only list is supposed to simplify the comic series, without multiple covers, so there's no way to show exclusive cover colors for a single issue. So meh.

6 April 2023

    Whew! I've had a busy few months and forgot to keep my website updated! The release of Sonic 5th Anniversary Edition reminded me to get this site in order. Here's the latest:

  1. Updated all covers for Sonic #57 & 58 and moved them to released.
  2. Added updated covers for Sonic #59B, 59RI, 60A, 60RI, and Sonic 5th Anniversary Edition A, B, C, D, RI-A, RI-B, RI-C, and OE.
  3. Placed Sonic 5th Anniversary Edition after Sonic: Bad Guys series, since its new story references events from the previous metal virus. It could also go right before Bad Guys, but I felt it was a good break to read someone else's story arc before bouncing back to Sonic doing his hero thing.
  4. Added Sonic #61A, 61B, 61RI, #62A, 62B, 62RI, Sonic Vol. 15, and two graphic novel collections - Sonic: Seasons of Chaos and Sonic: Knuckles' Greatest Hits - to upcoming titles.
  5. Moved Scrapnik Island miniseries between Sonic #56 and #57. Seemed like a good break between story arcs to slip it in. Besides, Sonic & Tails were working together at the end of Sonic #56. In Sonic #57, Sonic is joining another team (without Tails initially) on a whole new story arc.
  6. Moved Sonic Vol. 13 and IDW Collection #3 to released.
  7. Added a link to my Discord profile in my About Me page. I also updated some info on that page.

22 January 2023
  1. IDW Sonic #56 and Scrapnik Island #4 released this month. They've been moved to released.
  2. Added covers for IDW Sonic #58RI and #60B
  3. Sonic: Scrapnik Island, Vol 1 was announced for an August release. I added its cover as well.

30 December 2022

    Happy Holidays! This will probably be the last update of the year. So sorry for taking so long to post updates!

  1. IDW Sonic #55 and Scrapnik Island #3 released this month. I added updated covers to them and moved them to the IDW full inventory.
  2. I updated the release date for IDW Sonic #57. It's now scheduled to come out on February 8th.
  3. Added a cover for IDW Sonic #59A and placeholders for #59B, and #59RI.
  4. IDW is re-releasing Sonic #1 (yet again) as a 5th Anniversary Edition next April. It will have 7 unique covers (A, B, C, D, and RI-A, RI-B, and RI-C) including a 4-part fold-out for the A cover. I added covers for issue A, RI-A, RI-B, and RI-C.
  5. Someone confirmed that the Sonic Annual 2022 Convention Exclusive comic did in fact have a limited release at New York Comic Con and they were able to buy a copy there. I've bumped it over to the full inventory. Now I just need to find a copy for my own collection...
  6. Someone else also pointed out that Sonic the Comic Online had a third variant cover for issue #261. I've added it to the STC-O inventory.
  7. Also, someone pointed out that the Imposter Syndrome graphic novel changed their cover right before it released. I updated it with its final cover.
    1. Side note: If you see something wrong with any of my webpages, please let me know so I can fix it! Contact me on Reddit or Facebook. Thanks to those who have pointed out my errors so I can remedy them!

  8. I did some minor formatting on the main IDW inventory page; I turned category text green, to differentiate from other title text. I kind of want to make pretty title graphics, but I also don't want even more images on an image-heavy page, so we'll see.
  9. I also added the IDW Sonic the Hedgehog Halloween ComicFest One-Shot to the text-only inventory. I've been treating it like a variant cover for Sonic #1 since it's just a reprint of that issue. But IDW technically considers it a one-shot issue, so I'm listing it as a separate comic on the text inventory.
  10. I replaced the main Sonic logo on the homepage with the classic Sonic logo. I don't remember where I found the previous one, but with all the comic series showcasing their original logos, I felt like the site needed THE original Sonic logo front and center.
  11. The updates on this page feel a bit cluttered, so I'm testing out a spacing and numbering option for all these bullets, to improve readability.
  12. Finally, I updated my photo on the About Me page. Since I retired this summer, I've grown out a beard. The US military wouldn't let me have a beard while I was serving, so I'm taking advantage of the freedom now!

25 November 2022
  • Scrapnik Island #2 and Tails' 30th Anniversary One-Shot released last Wednesday (16 Nov). My local comic shop never notified me, so I missed their release date!
  • Apparently, Stan Sakai (creator of Usagi Yojimbo) did two retail exclusive (RE) covers for Tails' 30th Anniversary One-Shot; one regular cover and one virgin cover. Despite being a Tails special, Tails is not on these RE covers. I added them to the inventory.
  • Added covers for IDW Sonic #56B, 57B, 58A, 58B, and Scrapnik Island #3RI.
  • I updated release dates for a few comics. IDW Sonic #55 is now releasing on 7 Dec 2022 and #56 is releasing on 4 Jan 2023. I'm pretty sure #57 will be bumped back to Feb, as #58 was announced for March.
  • IDW Sonic Vol 14: Outbreak was announced. I added its cover to the inventory.
  • I separated the Classic Sonic comics from the Modern Sonic comics on the main IDW inventory, as well as a few other pages where it made sense.
  • I also did some minor formatting to the main inventory page; changed some text from red to blue, created a category for unsorted comics, created separate categories for regular graphic novels and the giant IDW Collection graphic novels, etc..
  • Technical "behind the scenes" info, but I changed some file names to better organize them. Classic Sonic comics get their own filename numbering scheme now (c001, c002, etc.), while Modern Sonic comics will continue with the current numbering scheme. Their numbering is still off, but it'll take time for me to edit tons of filenames and then update their links on this site. For now, know that they're at least displaying in the correct order.
  • I'm still trying to figure out what happened to the Sonic Annual 2022 Convention Exclusive comic. I messaged someone from IDW directly to ask if it was cancelled or what; we'll see what they say.

27 October 2022
  • IDW Sonic #54 released yesterday. Moved it out of upcoming titles.
  • I just discovered a free digital prequel comic for the video game Sonic Frontiers. Added it to the inventory, since IDW created it.

26 October 2022
23 October 2022
  • Moved IDW Sonic #53, Scrapnik Island #1, and Imposter Syndrome Vol 1 to released.
  • Added Scrapnik Island #1 IDW Online Exclusive.
  • Added covers for Scrapnik Island #4A, 4B, and 4RI; IDW Sonic #57A, and Tails' 30th Anniversary One-Shot B.
  • Added a release date for Scrapnik Island #4.
  • I'm not sure what's going on with the IDW Sonic Annual 2022 Convention Exclusive cover. It should've released at New York Comic-Con on October 6th-9th, but I've heard no news since and never saw any issues online. Maybe IDW cancelled the release. We'll see...

28 September 2022
  • Added covers for IDW Sonic #56A, 56RI, Sonic Annual 2022 CE, Scrapnik Island #3A & B, and Tails' 30th Anniversary One-Shot A.
  • Updated the cover for IDW Sonic, Vol #12.
  • Fixed the comic numbers on the IDW Sonic complete inventory pages. There are 74 comics released, not 75, and there are 261 including variant covers, not 254. I need to check my math every once in a while to ensure I'm keeping my numbers straight.
  • Found a release date for Sonic Annual 2022 CE. It's being sold at New York Comic-Con on 6 Oct 2022. I moved it back to upcoming titles.
  • Also found the release date for Tails' 30th Anniversary One-Shot. It's coming out on 16 Nov 2022.
  • Finally, I moved IDW Sonic, Vol #12 to released. Apparently, it came out on 13 Sep 2022. My local comic shop never got a copy, so I was never notified.
  • Ninja-edit: Switched the Updates link from the text "Last Update" on the homepage, to the date of the last update. Figured it made more sense that way.

6 September 2022
  • Finally got around to moving IDW Sonic Annual 2022 and IDW Sonic #52 to released.
  • Had to re-number a bunch of images to squeeze Sonic Annual 2022 in after Sonic #47. Apologies if you were browsing the site and a ton of images suddenly disappeared for a while.
  • Added a convention exclusive placeholder for Sonic Annual 2022. I can't find any news about the CE, except that there will (might?) be one.
  • Added images for IDW Sonic #55A, B, and RI; and also IDW Sonic: Scrapnik Island #2B and RI.
  • Updated images for IDW Sonic #52A, B, and RI; and also Tails' 30th Anniversary One-Shot RI.
  • Added a release date to IDW Sonic: Scrapnik Island #2.
  • I discovered that the Sonic 30th Anniversary One-Shot CE and the Sonic #50 CE didn't specify the convention they were released for. I added San Diego Comic-Con to their mouseover text.

11 August 2022
  • Added covers for IDW Sonic #53B and #53RI.
  • Discovered IDW's Sonic: Scrapnik Island mini-series will be 4 issues long, so I added placeholder covers for issues #3 and #4 (including A, B, and RI covers).
  • Also learned that Tails' 30th Anniversary One-Shot will have an A, B, and RI cover. The raw cover that's currently up will eventually be the RI cover, so I added placeholders for A and B covers.
  • Finally, Sonic: The IDW Collection #3 has been announced. I added its Knuckles cover to the site.

27 July 2022
  • IDW Sonic #51 released today. Updated all three covers with their final covers and moved them to released.
  • Also, Archie Sonic Online #252 released exactly a week ago, on July 20th. I almost missed it! It's been bumped to released.
  • Added a teaser cover for Archie Sonic Online #253.

24 July 2022

    I just retired from the US Air Force on the first of this month and have been getting my retired life figured out. I'm sorry for taking so long to get issue #50 updated, but it's here now, along with some other special upcoming releases. Enjoy!

  • I made a new page for the IDW inventory: C-F Covers. Sonic #50 included additional letter covers and we've only had A and B covers up until now, so I made a generic page for anything beyond B covers.
  • I also made a page on the IDW inventory for Online Exclusive (OE) Covers. IDW has released 3 covers exclusively for sale through their website and started putting an "online exclusive" logo on them, so I made a page just for them.
  • I added covers for IDW Sonic #50 OE and CE, then moved all 10 covers of Sonic #50 to released.
  • IDW Sonic Vol #11: Zeti Hunt! was moved to released.
  • Added covers for IDW Sonic #53A; #54A, B, and RI; Sonic Scrapnik Island #1A, B, and RI; Sonic Scrapnik Island #2A; and a raw cover of Tails' 30th Anniversary One-Shot.
  • Also added a cover for IDW Sonic Vol #13: Battle for the Empire.
  • Updated release dates for IDW Sonic #50 and Sonic Annual 2022.
  • Finally, I updated my About Me page to mention that I'm retired. Will I stay retired, or will I find another job? Who knows.

30 May 2022
  • I spent all last night trying to figure this out in JavaScript... but I have a fixed background image on the homepage that changes color depending on the time of day! From 7 AM to 4 PM, it will be daytime colors. From 4 PM to 7 PM, it will be evening colors. From 7 PM to 4 AM the next day, it will be night colors. And from 4 to 7 AM, it will be morning colors. Cool! Maybe I'll push it to all the pages, but for now, it's staying on the homepage until I'm sure it's stable and working.
  • If you want to see all three background colors, here are the day, morning/evening, and night backgrounds.
  • Also, I found a discrepancy in the Sonic the Comic complete inventory. Sonic Holiday Special #1 was named #2, and Sonic Holiday Special #2 was just named Sonic Holiday Special. I fixed the error.
  • All the edits I've been doing today, and I forgot to add new comics! IDW Sonic Annual 2022A, B, and RI; and IDW Sonic #52A, #52B, and #52RI were all added to upcoming titles.
  • Added a cover for IDW's Sonic: Imposter Syndrome graphic novel.
  • Also added covers for IDW Sonic #50D and #50RI-B. That's all 8 covers for issue #50!
  • It's now quarter past 4 AM. I'm finally going to bed. Hope you enjoy all the changes to the website!

29 May 2022
  • Quick update today... I removed the link to the text-only inventory on the IDW Sonic inventory page and moved the link into the new button for resizing images. Now you can choose to resize comic images, or view just a text list, all from the same drop-down menu.
  • Another update: I created the Sonic the Comic Text-Only Inventory page today. It was bugging me that I hadn't completed it yet. Keep checking back here in case I make any other changes today!
  • Tinkering around with CSS... I figured out how to round the edges of the drop-down menus. Looks a little smoother now.

17 May 2022
  • Added a text-only inventory to Archie Sonic Online and Sonic the Comic Online.
  • Moved the Sonic the Comic Online special "Exit: Sonic" to the end of the series. It was written/illustrated/colored by some alumi members of the original Sonic the Comic magazine. It is meant to be a future story, telling the finale of the comic series.
  • Added "The Complete Vichama" to the Sonic the Comic Holiday Specials page, as it's apparently a "Hallowe'en 2009" special.
  • Fixed the Archie Sonic Online comics at the bottom of the Archie Complete Inventory page.

15 May 2022
  • New changes to the website! I'm reaching outside my comfort zone and experimenting with CSS and dropdown menus! All the links on the homepage have been condensed into dropdown menus. It looks a lot less cluttered now.
  • I also replaced the "link to larger images" link on the IDW inventory page with a drop-down menu. Now you can view the full IDW inventory in one of four different sizes: thumbnail, small, medium, and large. If you're browsing from a mobile device, be careful of the larger file sizes. I haven't figured out incremental page loading yet, so the full webpage will open all at once and drain your data. I'll be doing the same on Archie and Fleetway comics soon.
  • I separated the Free Comic Book Day comics from the free comic promotionals on the IDW FCBD page.
  • And finally, I updated IDW #50B's cover. I literally updated it with a raw cover a few days ago and the very next day, they released the full cover. My work is never done...

12 May 2022

    Happy birthday to me! I'm spending my birthday updating my website. Because sharing my comic collection with you guys is the best gift. <3

  • Re-arranged all the latest IDW comics into reading order, now that Sonic: Imposter Syndrome is complete.
  • Updated covers for Sonic: Imposter Syndrome #2A, #3A, #3B, #3RI, #4A, #4B, and #4RI.
  • Also updated covers for IDW Sonic #49A, #49B, and #49RI
  • Added a cover for IDW Sonic Free Comic Book Day 2022, digital edition. Edited its release date because, unlike former data I found, it officially released on May 7th, 2022.
  • Found a Sonic 30th Anniversary Celebration graphic novel that was exclusive to Scholastic. Added it to graphic novels.
  • Also found an online exclusive cover for Sonic: Imposter Syndrome #4.
  • Moved Imposter Syndrome #4 and IDW Sonic #49 to released.
  • Added covers for IDW Sonic #50B, #50C, #50F, #51A, #51B, and #51RI. Moved the original #50C cover to #50E.
  • Created a diorama of Sonic: Imposter Syndrome #1-4 A covers. The color is a bit off between covers, but it's better than anything else I found online, which doesn't line up across covers.

16 Apr 2022
  • Apparently, the IDW Free Comic Book Day 2022 issue released on April 6th, not April 13th. Moved it to released.
  • Updated the Archie Sonic Online logo with a larger, higher-quality version.
  • Added Archie Sonic Online #251, Sonic Universe Online #50 and #51, and Knuckles Endangered Species #2 to released.
  • Added a cover for Archie Sonic Online #250C, #252, and Sonic Universe Online #52.
  • Added placeholders for Knuckles Endangered Species #3, Archie Sonic Online #252, #253, #254, #255, and Sonic Universe Online #52 & #53.
  • Built a page for Archie Sonic Universe Online covers.
  • Built a page for Archie Sonic Online diorama covers. Will tweak it when I update Sonic the Comic Online covers; maybe tomorrow.

11 Apr 2022

    My apologies for the 4-month hiatus! I am retiring from the US Air Force and have spent the last several months getting my affairs in order and moving to a new home. I'm back now and should be making regular updates again!

  • Added a live-action Tails image to the front page, in honor of Sonic 2 releasing in theaters last week.
  • Changed Sonic 2 Official Movie Pre-Quill to a single-issue. IDW decided against making a 4-part series and graphic novel, apparently. Added a cover for it and moved to released.
  • Moved IDW Sonic #47, #48, and Sonic: Imposter Syndrome #2 and #3 to released.
  • Added IDW Sonic the Hedgehog - Sonic 2 Cinema Exclusive comic. Placed it between IDW Sonic #12RI and Sonic Annual 2019A.
  • Added IDW Sonic FCBD 2022 and Sonic #49 & #50 to upcoming comics.
  • Added IDW Sonic graphic novels, Vol #11 and #12. Released Vol #9, #10, Sonic & Tails: Best Buds Forever, and Sonic IDW Collection Vol 2.
  • Added covers for IDW Sonic #47B, #47RI, #48A, #48B, #49A, #49B, #49RI, #50A, #50C, #50RI-A, FCBD 2022, and Sonic: Imposter Syndrome #4A, #4B, #4RI.
  • Updated covers for IDW Sonic #16A, #16B, #16RI, #47A, and Sonic: Imposter Syndrome #2RI, #3A, #3B, and #3RI.
  • Removed Sonic Forces page and replaced it with a Non-Canon comics page.

12 Dec 2021
  • IDW Sonic: Imposter Syndrome #1 had an exclusive online cover! Added this 4th cover to the galleries.
  • Added covers for IDW Sonic #47A, 48RI, and Sonic: Imposter Syndrome #2A and 2B.
  • Sonic: Imposter Syndrome A covers are apparently a diorama! Added #1A and 2A to the dioramas page. Awaiting release of covers #3A and 4A to finish the diorama. Maybe.

18 Nov 2021
  • IDW Sonic: Imposter Syndrome #1 released yesterday. Updated its release today on the main inventory and the miniseries page.
  • Apparently, the Sonic 30th Anniversary Deluxe Edition graphic novel actually released on 9 Nov (I haven't seen it anywhere in stores). It's now officially listed as released on this site.

27 Oct 2021
  • IDW Sonic #46 released today; moved it to released in IDW inventory.
  • Added release date to Sonic: Imposter Syndrome #2 (12 Jan 2022).
  • Updated release dates for 3 graphic novels: Sonic 30th Anniversary Deluxe Edition (9 Nov 2021), Sonic, Vol #9 (11 Jan 2022), and Sonic, Vol #10 (8 Mar 2022).
  • On the IDW text-only inventory, I changed the Sonic Forces 4-part miniseries to white text, since it was technically a free comic.

23 Oct 2021
  • IDW Sonic #45 released last Wednesday. Just moved it to released on my website today.
  • Updated covers for IDW Sonic #45A and Imposter Syndrome #2RI.
  • Also added a color key to the bottom of the IDW Text-Only Inventory. Might do the same with Archie Sonic comic's text-only inventory one day. Still need to make a text-only inventory page for Fleetway's Sonic the Comic.

10 Oct 2021
  • Replaced raw cover of IDW Sonic #45B with final cover.
  • Updated release date of IDW Sonic 30th Anniversary graphic novel from 6 Oct 2021 to 26 Oct 2021.

4 Oct 2021
  • Added final cover to IDW Sonic #46A, #46B, #46RI, #47RI, and Sonic: Imposter Syndrome #1A.

24 Sep 2021
  • Added final cover to IDW Sonic #43B, #44A, #44B, and #44RI.
  • Added a cover for IDW Sonic 30th Anniversary Free Comic Book Day Print Edition. Differentiated between the print edition and digital edition covers.
  • Moved IDW Sonic #43, #44, and Sonic 30th Anniversary FCBD to released.
  • Added covers for IDW Sonic #45B, #45RI, #47RI.
  • Added covers for IDW Sonic: Imposter Syndrome #1B and 1RI.
  • Added a cover for the IDW graphic novel Sonic & Tails: Best Buds Forever
  • Added placeholders for IDW Sonic #47A and #47B, Sonic: Imposter Syndrome #1A, #2A, #2B, #2RI, #3A, #3B, #3RI, #4A, #4B, #4RI, and Sonic 2: The Official Movie Pre-quill graphic novel
  • Updated release dates for IDW Sonic #43, #45, and Sonic & Tails: Best Buds Forever graphic novel.

5 Aug 2021
  • Added final cover to IDW Sonic #43A and #43RI. Still awaiting the final cover for #43B.

23 Jul 2021
  • Moved IDW Sonic #42 to released.
  • San Diego Comic-Con just opened for online comic sales today. Sonic 30th Anniversary convention exclusive is now available; moved it to released.
  • Updated release date for IDW Sonic #44.
  • Added Sonic & Tails: Best Buds Forever to upcoming graphic novels. It will collect IDW Sonic issues #1, #13, #34 & #35.
  • Added Sonic the Hedgehog 2: The Official Movie Pre-quill #1-4 to upcoming non-canon comics. This is a prequel comic to the Sonic the Hedgehog 2 live-action film that will be releasing in 2022. I'll build a separate page for non-canon IDW comics one day soon.

1 Jul 2021
  • Updated release date on Sonic: IDW Collection #1 and moved it to released.
  • Added descriptions to the graphic novels on the IDW Text-Only Inventory page. Now you know what comics are included in each graphic novel.

26 Jun 2021
  • Updated covers and release dates for IDW Sonic #40 and #41 and moved them to released.
  • Released IDW Sonic 30th Anniversary one-shot.
  • Updated covers for Sonic 30th Anniversary Deluxe Edition
  • Added Sonic 30th Anniversary convention exclusive cover. No details on its release yet.
  • Added covers for IDW Sonic #42B, 42RI, and 45A.
  • Added Sonic graphic novel #10 and Sonic: the IDW Collection #2.
  • Updated release dates on Sonic #42-45.

1 Jun 2021
  • Updated cover and release date for IDW Sonic #39 and moved it to released.
  • Released Sonic: Bad Guys graphic novel.

3 Apr 2021
  • Moved IDW Sonic #38 to released. It came out Wed last week.
  • Updated IDW covers. Added all three final covers for Sonic #38. Also added covers for Sonic #39B & #39RI, and a raw cover for #41B.
  • Updated release dates for IDW's Sonic 30th Anniversary Free Comic Book Day, IDW Sonic #39, Sonic: Bad Guys graphic novel, and Sonic vol #9.
  • Moved Sonic 30th Anniversary Deluxe Edition to graphic novels. I guess it'll be a collection of... some sort?

19 Mar 2021
  • Updated release dates for IDW's Sonic 30th Anniversary; both the One-Shot covers and the Free Comic Book Day cover.
  • Added a higher-quality version of the Sonic 30th Anniversary FCBD cover.
  • Also learned there was going to be a Retail Incentive A and B cover for IDW's Sonic 30 Anniversary. Added placeholder covers for those.
  • ALSO Also... IDW Sonic #38 got bumped back a week. Updated release dates for issue #38-41.
  • Finally, added IDW Sonic #42 to upcoming titles. Gave it a cover image for its A cover; placeholders for B and RI covers.

18 Mar 2021
  • Sonic the Hedgehog 30th Anniversary was announced today, with 4 unique covers: One-Shot A, One-Shot B, Deluxe Edition, and Free Comic Book Day. It remains to be seen if there will be a difference between the One-Shot issue and the Free Comic Book Day issue.
  • Sonic the Hedgehog - The IDW Collection #1 got a slight update to its cover. Inststead of a black-and-white checkered pattern on the left side, it now is a black-and-fading-blue checkered pattern.

7 Mar 2021
  • Quick update today: I re-made the Sonic series logos on the homepage to add in the actual company logo for IDW, Archie, and Fleetway.
  • One other quick edit: Added a "Return to the homepage" link on this Updates page and the Archie Text-Only Inventory.
  • Final edit: I tweaked my About page a bit. Figured it needed some minor updates.

27 Feb 2021
  • Sorry for falling behind on updates again. I'm still deployed with the US military for about another month. Hopefully I'll be able to stay caught up once I return home.
  • I discovered a Scholastic-exclusive graphic novel that released sometime in 2019. It appears to reprint IDW Sonic Annual 2019, Tangle & Whisper #0, and IDW Sonic #13, as well as displaying some variant covers by Nathalie Fourdraine. I've added it to IDW Graphic Novels and IDW Retail Exclusives pages.
  • Moved both Team Sonic Racing comics to the start of the IDW reading order. I've been looking for a place to slip them in to the reading order for a long time, but at this point, I feel like they're better as a precursor to the whole series. One-Shot comics are a pain to deal with in a timeline.
  • Rebuilt the IDW Complete Inventory page(s) to include graphic novels and the Sonic #1-4 Box Set. Now everything is included in the "complete" inventory!
  • Moved Tangle & Whisper graphic novel to just before Sonic vol 4. Dunno why I put it in the wrong reading order, but it's fixed now.
  • Updated final covers for IDW Sonic #36A, 36B, 36RI, and 37B.
  • Added covers for IDW Sonic #37A, 37RI, 38B, 38RI, 39A, 40B, and 41A.
  • Updated release dates for IDW Sonic #36-38. Moved #36 and #37 to released.
  • Updated the IDW Text-Only Inventory: added issues #36-37 and Sonic: Bonds of Friendship graphic novel. Moved the Tangle & Whisper graphic novel and the two Team Sonic Racing comics to their appropriate reading order placement.

24 Dec 2020
  • Merry Christmas Eve!
  • Updated all three covers for Sonic: Bad Guys #4 and moved them to released.
  • Created finished diorama for Sonic: Bad Guys #1-4.
  • Updated release date for Sonic #37. It got bumped back to 3 Feb 2021.

15 Dec 2020
  • Moved Sonic: Bad Guys #3, Sonic the Hedgehog #35, and Sonic graphic novel #7 to released.
  • Updated release date for Sonic the Hedgehog #36.
  • Added cover for Sonic: Bad Guys #4A.
  • Updated all three final covers for Sonic: Bad Guys #3 and Sonic the Hedgehog #35.
  • Added Sonic the Hedgehog #38 to upcoming releases. Added early cover art for #38A and comic placeholders for #38B and #38RI.
  • Added Sonic the Hedgehog: The IDW Collection, Volume 1 to upcoming releases. This is IDW's standard collection series, which will collect the first 12 issues in one massive volume.

18 Nov 2020
  • It's been a while! My apologies; the US military deployed me, so I've been unable to update my website for a bit. Here's the latest:
  • Moved Sonic #31-34 and Sonic: Bad Guys #1-2 to released.
  • Added updated comic covers to Sonic #31A, #32-34, #35RI, #36A+B, #37B, and Sonic: Bad Guys #1-4, minus #4A.
  • Added Sonic graphic novel vol. 9 to upcoming releases.
  • Updated release dates on everything from Sonic #31 and forward.
  • Created a new diorama image from Sonic #31A and #32A.
  • Created a new diorama image from Sonic #33 NYCC convention cover and Sonic: Bad Guys #1 NYCC convention cover.
  • Created a new diorama image from Sonic: Bad Guys #1-4 B covers. Will have to re-create it as issue #3B and #4B release updated cover images.

27 Aug 2020
  • As promised, I stayed up late and finished a simplified text-only list of Archie Sonic comics. You can find it here, as well as on the homepage under Archie Comics.

26 Aug 2020
  • I'm a week late for the release of IDW Sonic #30! Oops.
  • Also added covers for IDW Sonic #35A and #35B, Sonic Bad Guys #3B and #3RI, and Sonic Bad Guys Vol 1.
  • Plus, I added a diorama image for IDW #29RI and 30RI and added Sonic Bad Guys B covers to the diorama page.
  • Finally, I built a new page that's a simplified text list of IDW comics, since there are so many variant covers. You can find it on the top of the IDW inventory page and on the homepage. I plan to build a similar one for Archie Comics as well.

7 Aug 2020
  • Pushed upcoming titles' release dates back an issue. No comic came out this week. :(
  • Added IDW Sonic #34 and Sonic: Bad Guys #2 to upcoming titles.
  • Also added covers for IDW Sonic #31B, 31RI, 34B, and Sonic: Bad Guys #2B and 2RI.

22 Jul 2020
  • Updated images for Tangle & Whisper #1 SDCC Exclusive, Sonic Annual 2020 SDCC Exclusive, and Sonic #29 SDCC Exclusive with higher-res images. Moved all of them to released as of today, including Sonic #29A, B, & RI.

20 Jul 2020
  • Added Bad Guys #1RI-B. Apparently, there will be two retail incentive covers for this issue.
  • Also, added a release date for IDW Sonic #31 and 32.

18 Jul 2020
  • Added SDCC convention exclusive covers for IDW Sonic: Tangle & Whisper #1, Sonic Annual 2020, and Sonic #29RE, all due to release on Wed next week.
  • Added all 3 covers to upcoming titles on the CE (convention exclusive) page.
  • I also got tired of the temporary diorama covers for Sonic #31A & 32A not lining up, so I created my own diorama image for them. Go click on either issue on the Dioramas page and see the full diorama in all its glory!

14 Jul 2020
  • Added covers for IDW Sonic #29B, #29RI, and graphic novel vol 8.
  • Updated covers for IDW Sonic Annual 2020 A, B, and RI, and moved them to released.
  • Updated file numbers to squeeze the annual issue in between issue #21 and #22, where it best fits the continuity.
  • Moved IDW Sonic #27RE to cancelled projects, as SEGA hasn't made any official announcement about selling it through their site yet. Assuming it's not being released anymore, unless they want to prove me wrong...

26 Jun 2020
  • Added covers for IDW Sonic #28RI and #33A.
  • Moved IDW #28A, 28B, & 28RI to released.
  • Moved Sonic graphic novel Vol. 6 to released as well.
  • Also, added IDW #27RI & #28RI to dioramas. Didn't realize they were part of one larger image until #28 released.

14 May 2020
  • Added cover for IDW Sonic #30A.
  • Added new release dates for IDW #28-30 & Annual 2020.
  • Moved Tangle & Whisper graphic novel to released.
  • Added Tangle & Whisper #0 (Spencer's Retail Exclusive) to Cancelled Projects page, as it never released.

14 Apr 2020
  • Moved website to Linux host; should be more reliable now.
  • Also updated IDW issue #27 as released (except for #27RE).
  • Added #33B, plus new mini-series, Sonic the Hedgehog: Bad Guys #1A and #1RI.
  • Also added Cancelled Projects page for Tangle & Whisper box set.

21 Mar 2020
  • Added covers for IDW Sonic #28B, #31A, and #32A.
  • Updated final cover for #28A.
  • Updated release dates for #27 and Annual 2020.
  • Also added #31A and #32A to diorama page.

8 Mar 2020
  • Added IDW Sonic #26 to released comics.
  • Also, added Archie Sonic Online #250, which apparently released back in January.

25 Feb 2020
  • Updated IDW Sonic #27A with final cover.
  • Also added #27B, #27RI, #29A and #30B covers.

13 Feb 2020
  • IDW's 25A, 25B, 25RI-A, 25RI-B, and graphic novel vol. 5 released on 12 Feb.
  • Also updated release date for IDW 26, 27, and Tangle & Whisper graphic novel.
  • Updated image for Tangle & Whisper GN cover.
  • Finally, added image of Movie Sonic from Japan poster to the homepage.

1 Feb 2020
  • Updated IDW 25A with final cover.
  • Replaced IDW 26A and 26B raw covers with final covers.
  • Added IDW 26RI final cover.

30 Jan 2020
  • Moved updates to their own page, linked from the homepage.

27 Jan 2020
  • Added covers for IDW 25RI-A and 26B.
  • Added 25RI-B, 28A, 28B, 28RI, and Volume 7.

14 Jan 2020
  • Added IDW Free Comic Book Day page.
  • Updated IDW #25 release date.

27 Dec 2019
  • #24 released on 25 Dec.
  • Also added covers for IDW #25B; #27A; Annual 2020 A, B, and RI; and Tangle & Whisper graphic novel.

14 Dec 2019
  • Added covers for IDW #24A, #24RI, and #25A.

11 Dec 2019
  • Tangle & Whisper #4 released today.

27 Nov 2019
  • IDW issue #23 released today.
  • Also added IDW issue #26 to upcoming titles.

17 Nov 2019
  • Added "Movie Sonic" to the homepage. :)

8 Nov 2019
  • Updated Archie Sonic Online pages.


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